Galaxy Umbrella (Janelle Get’s crafty to beat the heat)

Well it’s way too hot to be outside, mostly when you don’t have air conditioning to come back to I decided to finally make one of the crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Rain will not make me sad anymore now that I’ve made this awesome umbrella and relatively cheap to! I went to the dollar store and grabbed a cheap black umbrella and the paint I already had before.



What you will need:

– black umbrella

– paint

– paint brushes

– glitter (optional)

Start with a light colour, I chose yellow and make selective splotches all over the inside of the umbrella


Add some darker colours around the yellow, I used pinks and purples but you can use some blues as well.

For effect I used a dry brush to swirl the colours around for them to take up more space on the inside of the umbrella and to give in an ombré look.


The next step is to add the stars, I started using my pinky and dipping it white paint and spotting it randomly. I chose to splatter some white paint all over the umbrella.

The last step was to add glitter because I’m a girly girl and glitter will make me even happier in the rain.

Now to let it dry and use a think layer of varnish to settle in the paint and the glitter (because as much as I enjoy glitter I don’t want to be covered in it every time it rains)


now I’ll be signing in the rain