Festival Des Mongolfieres de Gatineau

Labor day weekend in Gatineau is reserved for a weekend of concerts, fairs and hot air balloons.

I got my tickets early for this one very early in advance because some of my favourite francophone artists were playing (and Sean Paul)

Graffiti sign for the contest – not the winner but a great one


As a part of the weekend there were carnival rides, BMX competitions, a graffiti competition, booths of all kind and multiple concerts for every age group and taste level.


BMX flips – canadian and americans competed


It may have been a rainy weekend but the shows still went on. Lawn chair were set up all over the grounds of the festival pointing towards the main stage.

On the Sunday of the long weekend they had what they called the balloon illumination, 15 minutes of various balloons lighting up to a medley of the Beatles music, it was so beautiful.


The Balloon illumination – unfortunately you can’t see my favourite, the Darth Vader balloon

The concerts were great too! I got to see my childhood heart throb, Garou, and I have to admit I wept during the concert (like a baby)


Biked over to the park on the Sunday night and got a wonderful view of the evening balloon take off

  If you enjoy french music, or carnivals/festivals, or hot air balloons this is a festival I recommend! I will definitely do it again, mostly if the bands are as fantastic as this year!

– J.