Past Adventure – Bright Night Bike Rave

Two weeks ago I organized a glow in in the dark bike run down the Rideau Canal.

I was afraid no one would show up but we ended up being approximately 20 people who stuck glows sticks and blinking lights on our bikes and once the sun went down we rode down from the NAC to the Bank street bridge where we turned around.

The reaction of passersby was the greatest thing ever! Putting a smile on people’s face was awesome.


Gaze at the wonder!

I have to admit that Saryna’s bike was the best, she spent 45 minutes taping glow sticks to the spokes on her back wheel. when she rolled it created a single spur of colour, it was nearly dangerous riding beside her because it was so beautiful!

It was a great first event, I made a few notes for next time mainly finding a way to bring music with us and going all the way around Dow’s lake. We’re planning another one for early September, we really hope you’ll join us!



me and my bike post ride. Note to self MORE glow sticks next time