Parliament Hill Yoga

Post from June 10th 2013:

Today I did something I will most likely be doing again.

At noon I joined hundreds (well maybe not today because the weather was grim but still a lot of people) to do yoga on the lawn in front of parliament hill.

Lululemon organizes a weekly yoga session on parliament hill Wednesdays at noon where you’re invited to join free yoga on your lunch hour.

Well this is what I did today Jen from Pure Yoga Ottawa lead us in our transitions from downward dog to warrior poses for the hour.



Since this post I have returned to do yoga on parliament hill at least another 3 time as well as on the Tabaret lawn on Mondays


– J


July and August hasn’t been quiet but due to my computer dying and me being back up north for august it’s been pretty quiet on my part.
But good news! I head back to Ottawa in a week and a half and the new school year is starting off with a bang! with the Festival des Mongolfieres in Gatineau for the long weekend