Canada Day 2013

Monday was the biggest party in Ottawa, the celebration of our country’s birth.

Saryna came back to Ottawa on the midnight bus that day so she missed most of the morning’s activities. This is going to be my post.

In case you didn’t know (if it’s not obvious) Ottawa is the LARGEST Canada Day party in the country.


Parks Canada’s GIANT map of canada

Downtown gets shutdown to vehicles and gets taken over by pedestrians, tourists and locals alike, my best friend Izzie was one of those tourists coming down from up north.

Decked out in red and white we hit downtown. Buskers and booths everywhere we explored.

Great new discovery - Noisy Locomotives

Great new discovery – Noisy Locomotives

I have a tendency of getting picked out in a crowd (in Paris I got pulled on stage for an intermission ventriloquist act) this day was no difference, while enjoying Kilted Colin‘s street act, I got volentold to be one of his assistants. Kilted Colin was going to juggle babies (dolls) while on a 10 foot unicycle followed by the finale of juggling knives while playing the bagpipes still on the super tall unicycle. After flirting with me my job was to throw up the dolls so he could juggle them, and pass the knives over to him (not throw that would have been a horrible idea)


Kilted Colin and I preparing for the grand finale

The highlight of the day for both Izzie and I was being able to see Commander Chris Hadfield on the Major’s Park stage. We eagerly waited for the awesome astronaut to start his show being entertained by a Korean variety show which included traditional dancing and plate spinning, break dancing and a Tai Kwan Do demonstration. It was finally time. Chris Hadfield’s show started with his rendition of Space Odity (youtube link) followed by a series of silly questions asked through social media to Chris and an american astronaut who’s name sadly escapes me at the moment because he was pretty cool too.


Chris Hadfield signing Space Odity

It was break time so Izzie and I went back to my apartment for some drinks where Saryna and her sister met up with us. Sushi dinner followed.

Back to parliament hill for the main stage concert, Carly Rae Jepsen, Metric, Radio Radio and more played on the main stage.


A real party – Radio Radio on stage

The fireworks were absolutely wonderful which is expected from the nation’s capital.


Kaboom! fireworks seen from parliament hill

This was my third time spending Canada day in Ottawa, and I think I can honestly say it has been my favorite up to date (I was 11 the first time and drank WAY too much the 2nd)

– J


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